Monday, June 1, 2009

Introducing "SOUL"

I have just returned from my trek into the Slot Canyons of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  These are truly magical places when one ventures into them during the right time of day at a certain time of year, just before the summer solstice.  During this time the angle of the sun is at just the right angle for beams of light to penetrate the narrow openings in the top of these caverns causing intense colors to bounce off the sandstone walls.  The Navajo people have regarded these special canyons as sacred places for centuries, and I believe this image demonstrates the mysterious wonders that are contained within them.  Do you see her appearing in the light?  "Soul" encompasses the very essence of the type of imagery I hoped to capture on this trip, and is the first in a series of captivating images from this very special area of the United States.  As I work through more of the images from the trip, I will post more images with discussions on why the colors appear so strong and varied as well as some of the features that are important to the Navajo people.  

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