Friday, September 3, 2010

Oregon and Washington 2010

"Composing in the fading light along Washington's Coast"

"Scouting wildflower fields at the base of Mt. Rainier "

"Scouting locations during low tide"

"Photographing among the wildflowers in Washington"

Anthony has just returned from his expedition into the wilds of Oregon and Washington. He spent 8 days in these two beautiful states, covering more than 1500miles by car and over 30miles backpacking beyond the commonly visited areas. Just about every landscape imaginable from rugged alpine peaks to deserts and rugged coasts are located in this region. With such a diversity of landscapes to choose from, Anthony realized it would be impossible to try and capture great representations of them all. Instead he decided to let the light and weather be the guide, and he would drive, hike, and camp back and forth across these two States to try and put himself into the best situations with the landscape and the weather. This endless chase took him to the rugged coastlines of Washington, giant rain forests, wildflower fields around Mt. Rainier, pristine alpine lakes, camping next to glaciers in the high altitudes of the Three Sister's Wilderness and the Tatoosh Range. This amazing adventure has yielded some amazing new images that will be released later this fall and winter, once Anthony's busy fall schedule is over.

Anthony will be off to the boundary waters of Minnesota during the first week of October. He will be working with several other prominent photographers and producers from the United States and Europe. They will be exploring the fall colors and wildlife by foot, canoe, and car. Stay tuned.............

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